Have you established a preventive maintenance routine? Staying on top of routine maintenance is necessary for ensuring optimal shred truck performance and preventing equipment failure that will eat into your hard-earned budget. We have seen our fair share of equipment fail, leading to costly repairs due to a lack of a proper preventive maintenance routine.

Follow these six steps to creating an effective, efficient, and sustainable preventive maintenance program for your shredding truck:

  1. Get proper training for owners, operators and service personnel from the OEM or by a qualified industry expert. This is the best way to ensure you know the proper functioning and maintenance of your shredding vehicle.
  2. Refer to your Shred Truck’s Manual for specific maintenance intervals for the chassis and shredder. If a shred truck manual has not been provided, contact the original OEM or a qualified industry expert for particular maintenance intervals.
  3. Establish a structured Preventive Maintenance schedule based off the shred truck manual. Preventive maintenance will vary based on model as well as manufacturer, so be sure to refer to the shred truck manual that is specific to your make and model.
  4. Commit operating personnels time and equipment to maintenance. It may be burdensome at first to allow operators to give up production time during their shift, but the 15 minutes they take to do preventive maintenance will more than make-up for the production time lost.
  5. Have ongoing daily reviews of issues from operators and maintenance personnel. Reviewing issues daily can lead to consistent modifications and improvements to preventive maintenance and prevent any ongoing problems from turning into catastrophic failures.
  6. Supervisors and leads should review completed preventive maintenance with operators and mechanics. A review will not only establish a routine but also allow any adjustments to take place to ensure optimal performance of your shredding truck.

Creating a preventive maintenance program can seem like a tedious task, but using these steps to establish a routine can be the difference between giving up a little production time and money or running into a catastrophic failure. A failure on the most important piece of equipment in your operation can be costly and challenging for any business. Fortunately, a preventive maintenance program can ensure your shred truck is properly maintained and operating efficiently.

If you have any questions about preventive maintenance or service, be sure to contact your shredding truck OEM, or speak with one of our expert technicians at 866-520-8762 or service@shredsupply.com.