One of the most popular services ShredSupply offers is complete shredding truck refurbishment. If you have ever wondered what exactly this process consists of, and what advantages a refurb has over buying new, we’re here to help inform and educate you on why refurbishment could be an excellent option when considering your next purchase.

First, it’s important we define what exactly a “refurb” is. A refurb is simply the refurbishment of an existing mobile shred truck to incomparable, like-new condition. We take a mobile shredding truck that has outlived its productivity and rebuild it to better-than-new condition. More accurately defined as the process of extending the performance life of an existing mobile shredding truck through maintenance and repair, both aesthetically and mechanically, to provide a new or updated version of the original truck. To make this a reality, we can include multiple services to bring your shredder back to prime working condition. These services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Body Swaps to Brand New Chassis
  • ShredSupply Control Panel Upgrade
  • Complete Shredder Overhaul
  • Refurb Active Unloading Floors
  • Refurb Hydraulic System w/ New PTOs
  • Refurb Lift Tip Carriage for 64/96/175 Gal. Bins
  • Refurb Shredfast MasterVault Aluminum Body
  • Cold Weather Packages
  • New Paint on All Components and Van Body
  • New LED Lights
  • New On-board Video Cameras & Monitor
  • Replacement of Any Other Damaged or Aged Components

With this extensive refurbishment process, you’re less likely to have any damage or defects – not only have the aged parts been replaced, but all other parts have been quality tested to assure they’re in great working condition. Your shredder will come out otherwise identical to new!

Now, if you’re still having reservations about a refurbishment, which may come across a bit disconcerting when dealing with the overhead of capital equipment, we’re here to affirm there are considerable savings and hidden advantages to this process. The table below illustrates the benefits of refurbishment over a new purchase:

 New ManufactureShredSupply RefurbDetails
ChassisNewNewShredSupply offers the option to move current equipment and bodies to a new chassis - an aluminum body has a 2 chassis life cycle.
Chassis WarrantyYesYesNew chassis have a 2 year factory warranty with an extended option of 5 years. The majority of shredding companies significant costs are chassis related.
Shredding/ Collection EquipmentNewFully-ReconditionedRecondition units come out as close to new as possible.
Shredding TechnologyNewUpgraded to Like-NewOutdated shredding technology can be updated to like-new.
Production CapabilityNewLike-New
Production Timeline4-6 Weeks6-8 Weeks
Average Cost:Potential Savings:
Shred Units Including Chassis*$230,000.00$185,000.00$45,000.00
Collection Units Including Chassis*$173,000.00$138,000.00$35,000.00

There is potential for incredible savings without losing the quality or reliability you’ll receive from a new truck. You could save upwards of 20% compared to purchasing new. This allows you all the advantages of new equipment while saving thousands of dollars in capital outlay. We hope this not only helps you better understand our refurb process and the advantage of a refurb mobile shredding truck over purchasing new, but also acts as a comprehensive guide when making your next purchase. If you have any questions about our Refurbishment Service Program, feel free to give us a call at 866-520-8762 or shoot us an e-mail at